Drink N Water plus is
a modern retail store
located in Newmarket,

We provide bottled water,
water treatement and
water softener products
to meet the needs of
families and business.

How It Works

Video's Of Water Treatment

Video of Water Disinfection, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Video of Water Filtration, Agrilculture and Agri-Food Canada
Video of Coagulation Filtration, Agriculture And Agri-Food Canada
Video of Reverse Osmosis and Distillation, Agriculture And Agri-Food Canada
Video of Aquifer Contamination, Agriculture And Agri-Food Canada

Systems Information Documents.

Air Injected Iron & Sulfur Removal System
Document Title Type Size Revision  
Iron & Sulfur Removal System42 kBDec 21, 2007
Water Softener Sizing Chartpjpeg95 kBFeb 03, 2008
Trouble Shooting a Bladder (Pressure) Tankmsword58 kBFeb 25, 2008
Bladder (Pressure) Tank Cyclepjpeg20 kBFeb 25, 2008

Resin & Media Technical Data Sheets

NextSand - Iron, Manganese, Sulfur, Sediment removal
Birm - Iron, Manganese removal.
Greensand - Iron, Manganese, Sulfur removal.
Pyrolox, Iron, Manganese, Sulfur removal.
Activated Carbon - Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, Organic removal.
Centaur Carbon - Sulfur removal.
Softener Resin.