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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have a complete water analysis performed on my water before buying Water Treatment Equipment?


Can you imagine agreeing to surgery before having tests performed to identify the problem or problems.

My Doctor ask questions and then perform physical tests to confirm the problem or problems, good water technicians do the same.

I have been quoted different sized Water Treatment Equipment, does the size of the equipment really matter?


All reputatable manufacturers of equipment and filtering media, resin, sediment filters and so on have technical data sheets. Its perfectly acceptable to ask for the technical data sheets to verify the expected performance capabilities.

A sales person knocked on my door and offered us Water Treatment Equipment at a huge discount, should we buy?

Buy from an authorized dealer that has a commercial location and business insurance - opening a commercial location doesn't come cheap and the landlord has most likely done background checks on the business and the business owners. Commercial landlords typically insist on their tenants (stores) have business insurance.

Ask for at least five references and you choose who you select to call.

If the sales persons Head Office is his vehicle, good luck after he has your money.

How can I tell if Water Treatment Equipment warranty can be relied on if needed?

Reading the manufacturers warranty before the sale is made is always advisable.

Stolen products are often re-badged and without serial numbers. Be sure that warranties are from the original manufacturer, product serial numbers are most likely required.

About short warranty periods: If the original manufacturer does not believe in the product to perform why should you.

Should we only buy Water Treament Equipment from the big dealers?


Consider this: If buying a new Honda vehicle and the small Honda Dealer gives a better price, buy from the small dealer. The Warranty is with Honda Corp. not the dealer.

Does the "Service Flow Rate" of Water Treatment Equipment Really matter?


Service Flow Rate is a key characteristic of water purification equipment. This typically tells how much water per minute can flow through the piece of equipment and service the house.

We recommend at least 8 gallons per minute for a small house with 2 bathrooms.

All water purification equipment must be sized properly and work as a system - not mixed and matched carelessly.

It is very important that the Valve can backwash the filtering media at the rate required per the media technical data sheet.

What is the better Water Softener, a Metered Water Softener or Calander (Timer) Water Softener?

Metered Valve vs. Calendar (Timer) Valve

The Metered Valve typically has a turbine that counts the volume of water passing through the Water Softener. The Valve will initiate a regeneration cycle when a predertermined amount of water has passed through the Water Softener; because of this Metered Valves are more efficient in most circumstances.

The Calendar (timer) Valve operates much like an alarm clock. The Valve will initiate a regeneration cycle after a predetermined number of days has passed without taking into account the amount of water used, because of this Calendar (Timer) Valves are less efficient in most circumstances.

A thumb rule is this:

Multiply the number of people in the house by the hardness (gpg) of the water. If the answer is 40 or greater a metered valve is recommended. If the answer is less then 36 a Calendar Valve is sufficient. In between 36 and 40 consider how much water you use currently and how much water you will use in the future.

4 (people) x 10 Hardness (gpg) = 40, consider a Metered Valve.
6 (people) x 6 Hardness (gpg) = 36, consider a Calander Valve.

See FAQ: What size Water Softener do I need?

What size Water Softener do I need?

A simple guide:

Multiply the number people in the house by the amount of hardness (gpg):

4 (people) x 10 hardness (gpg) = 40, consider a 40,000 grain softener.

6 (people) x 5 hardness (gpg) = 30, consider a 30,000 grain softener.

Ideally sized water softeners will regenerate every 5 to 12 days. Every regeneration weakens the resin bed and time between regenerations compress the resin bed.

See FAQ: What is the better Water Softener, a Metered Water Softener or Calander (Timer) Water Softener?

The sales person tells me his Water Softener resin is patented and better then his competitors, can this be true?

Yes, but most water softener resin is patented by its manufacturer.

Most water softener resin manufactures have a variety of resins to choose from. Typically there are three grades of water softener resins they are Standard Mesh Resin, Fine Mesh Resin and Macroporous Mesh Resin.

Standard Mesh Resin: Typically removes the least amount or harness and iron and used by Big Box Stores.
Fine Mesh Resin: Typically removes more hardness and iron then Standard Mesh resins.
Macropourous Resin: Typically removes the most amount of hardness and iron, also used in highly chlorinated water.

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