Drink N Water plus is
a modern retail store
located in Newmarket,

We provide bottled water,
water treatement and
water softener products
to meet the needs of
families and business.

About Us

Drink N Water offers a modern retail store providing Bottled Water and Water Treatment products to meet the needs of families and business.

The People:

Owners Phillip & Wendy Glendenning and the specialists at Drink N Water Plus Inc. can evaluate the quality of your water and recommend the right solution for your family's water needs. Service, installation and after sale support assure customer satisfaction.

Bottled Water Refills:

Drink N Water can provide bottled water for home or business. This is a one-stop centre for cost-effective refills of purified water. Bring your own bottles and save money. A 24 hour kiosk is available for your convenience.

Water Treatment Equipment:

When it comes to water treatment systems, Drink N Water strongly recommends and performs a complete water analysis prior to recommending equipment.

Drink N Water offers a full line of water treatment equipment incuding but not limited to Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Softeners, Iron Filters, Sulfur Filters, Nitrate Filters, Tannin Filters, Whole House Carbon Filters, Ultra Violet Lights (UV Lights) and Sediment Fitration.

Our moto is: